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Ways to clean the engine without water

A few years ago, the only effective method of cleaning the engine was washing it by Karcher under high pressure, which allows high-quality and, most importantly, quickly wash the engine compartment and the power plant itself. But you can also independently wash the motor using special chemicals.

How to clean car engine without water?

1. Washing with chemicals

So, let's start with the first affordable way to safely wash the engine compartment and the engine. Such solutions involve the application of special chemicals on contaminated surfaces, after which the applied composition, together with dissolved contaminants, is rubbed off with napkins and rags, rather than washed off with a stream of water.

The whole procedure is a preliminary removal of dust and dirt with a soft brush, after which the surface is applied to clean oil and other contaminants. At the same time, it is prohibited to clean with a brush or apply special equipment on elements that are painted or varnished, and also have a nickel or chrome coating.

The disadvantages can be fairly attributed to the complexity and complexity of the procedure for obtaining a satisfactory result, as well as a fairly large consumption of the purifier.

 Also, do not press hard on a napkin or rag to avoid scratches. Especially on plastic covers, plugs and other parts. It turns out that this method is more suitable for refreshing the appearance of the engine compartment and cleaning easily accessible elements under the hood.

2. Dry engine steam wash

The procedure is carried out with the help of a special device-steam generator. The steam generator comes with a whole set of nozzles and hoses, which allows cleaning of hard-to-reach places and hidden cavities.

The main advantage of such steam washing is that the attachments, individual parts, wiring, power contacts and other elements are not filled with water. As a result, it is possible to effectively remove dirt, while significantly increasing safety, reducing the risk of corrosion under the hood, etc.

As a result, after such cleaning the engine is almost dry, it is easy to start, there are no problems with electrical equipment, etc. As a rule, in large services where you can order this service, a guarantee is provided for work. This means that in case of any probl
ems with the engine or equipment after washing with steam, part of the cost of eliminating the cause of the problems can be compensated by the service.

Also, here is more information about this on Wikihow

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